If you have a SUV, you know how versatile it can be at times when you need to transport loads like a trailer, a motorcycle, a horse, or for that matter anything that can be hauled on road. But to attach the trailer with the SUV, you need a hitch which is at the rear of the automobile. Now it is a fact that you do not use a hitch all the time as you are not using the SUV to haul a load everyday. It is for times when the hitch is not in use that you need a hitch cover. This device not only protects the receiver hitch, it also looks classy and tells a lot about the personality of the car owner. Some of the covers or hitch plugs as they are called in the market are metallic and so strong that they serve the purpose of a step to reach the cargo kept on the top of the SUV.


The use of hitch cover has increased a lot in the last decade or so. There are individuals who keep on changing these plugs and are not satisfied with a simple one for all seasons. It is not uncommon to see SUV owners using different covers in different seasons. My friend who is a big fan of NFL puts on a hitch cover with the logo of his favorite NFL team as soon as season starts. Then there are others who show their likes and dislikes with designs that covey the message to all who see the SUV from behind. In fact, hitch covers is one innocuous looking device that allows the SUV owner to shout out loud to the world about their love and hatred. Only other day I saw my friend displaying a poignant message trying to raise awareness about breast cancer through his uniquely designed hitch cover. Thus you see how versatile hitch cover can be if the owner of the SUV is a bit more innovative and creative.


It is not all about being classy and creative. The fact is that by using a hitch cover, you prevent stuff getting into the opening of the hitch that has the tendency to develop rust when it rains or there is much moisture in air. You are actually adding protection of the body of the car but at the same time getting a liberty to express your personality in a small space that is surely seen by those coming from behind on road or when the SUV is standing in a parking. There are people who make a clever use of this small device to advertise about their small business or affiliation. In these times when every other mode of advertising has become so expensive, it is worth trying to advertise your business through a hitch cover. A uniquely designed hitch plug lets you express yourself to the world while performing its protective function quietly. By not allowing dirt to enter the hitch, this cover ensures that when needed you use the hitch without any problem and quickly. By using a bigger metallic hitch cover, you ensure that your SUV does not get bumps and scrapes that can otherwise harm the paint and the body of your SUV. Metallic hitch cover is a perfect choice as it is extremely durable and is today available in many attractive designs.


Hitch covers are not expensive at all and you can have one with as little as $5 though you need to cough out a bit more if your choice is a metallic plug that can be used as a step to go to the top of the SUV. Price also varies depending upon design you choose. You can shop for hitch cover in your local auto product market but if you are not satisfied with the quality or are not getting what you are looking for, there are a number of websites selling these hitch covers on the net. In fact, it is possible to even get your personalized hitch cover designed by professionals on these websites. Pay through credit card and they deliver the hitch cover to your doorstep in 2-3 days once you have made the payment.


If you never gave it a thought, now is the time to buy a hitch plug for your SUV that you can use to make a bold statement about yourself and your likes. Just try to be sensible and witty not to hurt other’s sentiments as people take exceptions if you make fun of other’s sensibilities.


A hitch cover not just protects the hitch so that it can be readily used whenever you need to haul a trailer or just about anything behind the SUV, it also allows you to make a bold statement about yourself to the world.