If you are a fan of the custom plates and you like watching cars with such plates on the road you will observe an interesting trend. The State Plates that were once popular are now being replaced with unusual custom plates with weird shapes and colors. They are called Euro Plates and they are imitations of number plates from different European countries. You might be surprised but it’s not just the immigrants and people which came from Europe are using them; lots of Americans find those plates attractive so they are choosing plates of this kind.

Where to apply
 Explore the website of a company offering customized license plates. Majority of them have the Euro Plates in a separate section and you can find hundreds of models there. If you don’t like any of them you can always create your own model. By using your imagination creative and eye catching number plates can be created as long as it does not contain strong and offensive language.

The Euro Plates are great for the people who own European companies looking for some advertisement. It is a smart way to order the customized plates with the logo of the company for your cars. If you want a complete European picture, choose the model from your country. The manufacturers could even customize your plates using the material you want, whether it is simple, sparkling metal or just plastic. Just imagine what you would like to convey to the world and customizing the plate with your idea on display is great way to do that.

The replica Euro Plates look so good that it will be hard to tell the difference from the originals. The common plates are made from aluminum but you can also choose other materials such as metal-plastic mixtures that will add a spark to the plate, making it more striking and interesting. 


Customizing your plates
The original Euro Plates don’t have embossed letters. The European plates are simple, but you can customize them with 3D letter and chrome reflection. The common plate has the dimension of 6x12 inch but you can choose the European sizes. However, before ordering these kinds of Euro Plates make sure your local authorities accept them. Even if having personalized number plates is legal in all the American states, some of these states impose certain restriction on size and form for the plates.

The Euro Plates site allows you to configure the plate using 3D letters in a digital form and you can also choose the frame and the background. If you are ordering some special plates made of uncommon material or it contains an unusual background, you might have to wait for a couple of daysfor your number plate to be personalized. The courier needs one or two days to deliver the plates. So the whole process will take nearly a week from giving and order to receiving the plate at your doorstep. 

You can use the Euro Plates not only for your car but they are great as a gift for the beloved one for the some occasion such as passing driving exam. You can also choose the name of your child and the flag of your country for the Euro Plates. The company must be able to develop plates for newly married couple with the name of the groom and the bride or only a simple message like “Just Married”. You can put it on the car during the wedding day and to make it more noticeable you can go for the 3D letters or plates with reflecting numbers. 

Other plates
The company can also sell you other products besides the Euro Plates. We are talking about practical plates signaling a parking lot or a gas station but you can also think about an interesting and elegant plate displaying postal address of your house. You can also call for the services of this company if you need some special warning signs like “No Parking” or even funny remarks such as “If you can see this, it means you parked on my spot”.

The engine of the Euro Plates site is simple. You will have to choose the background or you can even choose a picture from your computer. You will have various fonts for the alphabet at your disposal and you can choose from the default shapes and sizes of the Euro Plates. You can improve the plate with some symbols offered by the site and it also gives the option of using symbols and images from your computer. Once the plate is made it will be delivered at your door in two to three working days along with the tools needed such as nails and cups.

The most popular symbols in use these days to customize the Euro Plates are the horseshoe, wedding rings and trucks. They can be used as you see them on the site, but you can also ask the company to change some of its characteristics, such as the length or the size of the logo.