License plate, or number plate as it is called in Asian nations, is one proof of ownership of an automobile that is required by law and is needed in cases of theft, accidents, and cases where the owner wishes to make a claim for damages from his insurance company. There were times when license plates were drab and dry as people wanted these plates to look official and as close to rules and regulations as possible. Times have changed, and now it is common to come across license plates that evoke laughter, or at least a response from even those who do not normally take a second look at something as irrelevant on road as a license plate. This is because of custom license plate ruling the roost these days. These license plates have become very popular and a tool to let one’s imagination flow to have creations that become center of attraction when one’s car is on road.

Custom license plate is also differently called as personalized license plate or vanity license plate. Irrespective of name, the idea behind a custom license plate is to make the license plate attractive and creative with designs and ideas that make the car stand out in a bevy of cars whether it is in the parking or in between scores of other cars in a traffic jam. 


Who would have thought a decade ago for license plates to become so trendy and witty that people would take a look especially to know what a custom license plate has to say about the owner of the car. The possibilities are endless though the size of the plate is the restricting factor. It is amazing that people can be so creative as every other day, it is common to find a wittier line at the back of a car making you feel light and happy. 

You may not believe it, but people have been ingenuous enough to not just tell the world more about their personality but also made great use of this seemingly innocuous license plate for the promotion of their business. The coolness of a license plate lies in the fact that it is unobtrusive and does not require one to write on the body of the car and yet make others take notice of what you have to tell the world.


If you are a member of an association that is involved with a social cause, there is nothing like shouting about your deed or the association on the custom license plate to draw the attention of others on road. Many have beautifully let the world know about their love for a sport while others have unabashedly used their license plates to tell others about their greatest dislike. This is where one needs to draw a boundary line to not hurt the feelings of others. There is no harm in being blunt, but one must be a little controlled so as to not bring a bad taste in the mouth of others.


There are millions of cars running on road in the country but clever and creative people manage to make others look at their vehicle though the car has nothing special about it except its unique looking custom license plate that draws attention to itself like a neon sign that one has to perforce if it is there high up on a road. When a small, innocent license plate can convey to others what you want them to know or read, why not make a better use to make others know about that small business that you are running from home? Surely you cannot find any other way that is so inexpensive and yet so effective. You may not think much of this method of advertising or promoting your company or business, but those who have made use of license plate to let potential or prospective customers get their contact information have something interesting to tell. According to a survey, this mode of advertising, given that it costs almost nothing, brings in desired results for business owners. If you are aware of the costs involved with other modes of advertisement these days, you would certainly welcome this idea of bringing in more customers for your business.


If you think that you cannot design the license plate, wait till you log on to the internet and have a look at all those amazing custom license plates displayed on these sites. You may be bereft of ideas but there are professionals sitting there on the net who come up with brilliant ideas keeping your requirements in mind. Whether it is to shout out loud about your love for the environment or your craze about a particular sport, you will be given a number of designs to select from. After finalizing, you get your custom license plate delivered to your doorstep that you can use and impress all and sundry.